Customized Mini Cup/Set

Retea Cups


It's finally here! These customizable cups are the perfect gifts & the solution for drinking bubble tea waste-free and sustainably.

Each set comes with:

x1 name customized glass jar (500mL)

x1 metal lid (to seal your drinks)

x1 plastic lid (with a wide hole)

x1 wide metal straw (optional)

x1 straw cleaner (optional)


Please state ALL the following when ordering:

1. Write what word/name you want on the cup

2. What decal colour you want it to be (Black, White, or Rose Gold) 

3. What font do you want? (Chasy, Yellow Rabbit, Playfair Display, Bebas Neue)


Product Care Instructions:

We recommend gently handwashing your Retea cups with warm soapy water. Be extra gentle around the customized decals. Use the provided straw brush to clean your straws.

WARRANTY: If your decal ever comes off for any reason, we'll replace it and send a new decal for free!