Imperfect NEW Retea Original Set

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If you do not mind minor blemishes, scratches, or crooked logos on your Retea Cup, lids, or straws, take 15% off our perfectly imperfect original set! 

These cups and straws are still 100% functional but have some aesthetic flaws that do not pass our high-quality control standards. Each set is unique, so please message us if you would like a picture before we ship your order out. 

Each set comes with:

x1 glass jar (750ml) perfect for a size large and also holds a regular/small

x1 metal lid (to seal your drinks)

x1 plastic lid (with a wide hole)

x1 wide metal straw

x1 straw cleaner

Thank you for giving these imperfect cups a home! Enjoy drinking bubble tea sustainably with @reteacups :)