Customized Tea-rista Gift Set (500mL)

Retea Cups


Ever wanted to try making your bubble-tea sustainably at home? Be your own tea-rista with our Tea-rista Gift Set that includes a DIY Bubble Tea Kit and an Original Cup Set! It’s the perfect gift for yourself, family or friends!

Our loose leaf teas are ethically sourced from Genuine Tea, a local AND family-owned business here in Toronto. Vegan and gluten-free.*Brown sugar is not made in a nut-free environment. 

Here's what you'll get:

DIY Bubble Tea Kit (9-10 servings)

1x Tapioca Pearls (430g)

1x Brown Sugar (115g)

1x Tea (35g or 50g depending on the tea)

1x Tea Steeper Ball

Original Cup Set

x1 glass jar (500mL) perfect for a size large and also holds a regular/small

x1 metal mason jar lid (to seal your drinks)

x1 plastic lid (with a wide hole)x1 wide metal straw

x1 straw cleaner

Note: Milk Oolong does not actually contain any milk products!

*Tip: Once opened, put your tapioca pearls in an airtight container for a longer shelf life


Please state ALL the following when ordering:

1. Write what word/name you want on the cup

2. What decal colour you want it to be (Black, White, or Rose Gold) 

3. What font do you want? (Chasy, Yellow Rabbit, Playfair Display, Bebas Neue)


Product Care Instructions:

We recommend gently handwashing your Retea cups with warm soapy water. Be extra gentle around the customized decals. Use the provided straw brush to clean your straws.