Collapsible Bubble Tea Straw

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Never forget your reusable straws again on those spontaneous bubble tea runs again! These 12mm straws can easily fit tapioca pearls, smoothies, or other toppings. 

The length is also adjustable to fit a variety of cup sizes. The slant-cut tip allows you to pierce the film of most take-out bubble tea drinks. Easily attach it to your keychain, backpack, or bag and use when needed. 


- 1x Lightweight straw case with attachable keychain

- 1x food-grade stainless steel bbt straw

- 1x collapsible straw cleaner

Please note that the diameter of these straws are a little wider than our usual 12mm straws and is not compatible with our Retea cups & lids.


Care Instructions
  • Hand wash the straw and case with warm water & soap using the provided brush. Allow the straw and case to fully dry.
  • For the parts of the straw that overlap, make sure to move those parts up and down to ensure those areas are clean.
  • *The straw might be harder to pull apart the first time you open it. Running it through warm soapy water will loosen it up!
  • Due to the nature of the aluminium case, it is normal to hear some squeaking after time. Simply apply a thin layer of oil on the case to reduce friction and sound.
  • Our straw has an angled tip, allowing you to poke through most sealed lids! However, like many reusable straws, it may take a few tries (especially since our straws are collapsible!).
  • For safety reasons, there is no physical locking mechanism and the extended straw may start to slowly collapse over time. 
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Sonia K.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product
Perfect for smaller glasses!

This collapsible straw is perfect for shorter glasses since you can adjust the height of the straw to fit the glass. The case has a screw on cap with a carabiner clip which is amazing since you can clip it onto your bag or keys without having to worry about losing it. Definitely recommend!

Sarah C.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

This straw is the perfect size to use as a key chain or clip onto your purse. I never have to feel bad about forgetting to bring my reusable straw anymore because it's so convenient to bring around with me everywhere I go. I got it in rose gold and it's so cute!

Cameron E.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product
Simple and Tasteful

This straw is very easy to use! It telescopes with three sections and stays in place while you use it, ensuring no tea leaks out. The clip-on holder is super convenient, and this straw lives on my keychain! Even though it's a bubble tea straw, it works well for any drink, and is easy to clean with the accompanying brush. I would highly recommend it as a travel companion anywhere you go!

Tim T.
Canada Canada
Portable and Fun to Use!

I got this and was super excited to use it. Washes easily and quickly and functions just like the original. Can be a bit stuck at first and during cleaning, but using the end of the straw cleaner to push the sections a bit (plus warm water and soap) gets it loose! Other than that, good product

Canada Canada
Convenient reusable straw

I love the whole concept of this straw and it works so well! I've always been hesitant to bring reusable straws with me when I'm out and about because I feel like they would get dirty in my purse and take up a lot of space. This straw is so compact and is enclosed in its own little case that I can't even tell it's in my purse! It comes in handy when getting drinks without their own straws! It's easy to clean as well with the brush that's included. Love it, I need one in every purse now.